About Us


Fruhdi is focused on developing products that bring comfort and convenience to your work and life. Fruhdi.com has been specializing in unique products and solution for lift chair parts,adjustable bed parts, height adjustable desk parts and brand motors etc. we have been well approved in market, and grown into a comprehensive company devoting to R&D, design, manufacture, and brand marketing.we have plenty of items providing plentiful shopping options for users.Our goal is to bring joy to your day by treating our body and mind in a way that is more empathetic, in line with user habits and sustainable.

(1)High-Quality products

Door of shopping, as a brand of striving to provide customers with best products, carefully selects top quality supplies at the best prices.Lift chair parts,Height adjustable desk parts, adjustable bed parts, Motors etc with high quality.

(2)Comprehensive product categories

We produced by ourselves and with professional factories partners, we have plenty of items providing plentiful shopping options for users.

(3)Strict Quality Inspection

We have strict Quality Inspection before shipping, ensuring all products meet a consistent quality standard and users' requirements.

(4)Fast and Free shipping

We have cooperative warehouses in different areas of the United States for our delivery

(5)After sale service

We have Customer Service, please contact us: info@fruhdi.com address if you have any question.